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From the Amazon Listing:
[World First Release] [With USB Interface] 77ft 200LED Amir® Solar Powered LED String Light, With USB Port for Power Bank, Computer, Wall Charger, Indoor/Outdoor Ambiance Lighting,Solar Christmas Lights, Solar Fairy String Lights for Gardens, Homes, Christmas Party (Warm white)


  • USB interface – With USB interface, you can use on Power Bank, Computer or Wall Charger indoor. Connect the USB interface, and you will get a bright decoration. With solar panels, you can also use it outdoor for free energy.
  • 2 MODE – STEADY and FLASH modes,form a beautiful and fairy world.
  • Solar Panels – Auto lights up at night / Auto off at sunrise.
  • 2 in 1 Installation – Stick into the ground./Use included screws to mount on the wall.
  • Easy to Shape – Flexible Copper wiring can easily design many shape; wrap around tree trunks or gazebos;After dark,the wire fades to invisible, leaving only the bright lights.

Newest released version with USB interface and Solar panels, 2 in 1 indoor or outdoor. Copper wiring can easily design many shape. Perfect for for decorating your gardens, patio, lawn, porch, gate, yard, etc.


● USB interface for Power Bank, Computer or Wall Charger
● Flexible Copper wiring can be easily designed to the shape meet to your demand
● Bigger solar panels to absorb more sunshine
● Larger capacity battery to store more solar energy

61EaYG-vZ6L._SL1000_2 in 1 Installation:

● Stick into the ground.
● Use included screws to mount on the wall

2 mode:

● Stead mode
● Flash mode


Light color: Warm White
LED quantity: 200pcs
Material: Copper Wiring
Length of String: 22m
Length from Solar panel to first stake: 1.5m
Lamp spacing: 10cm
Solar Panel NI-MH Battery: 1800mAh, 1.2V
Solar panel charging time: 6 hours
Solar panel working time: 8-10 hours
Solar panel: 2V 300MA
USB input: DC5V/500MA, DC output: DC5V/100MA, suitable for power banks and wall charger adapter
Working temperature: -20℃ – 60℃

Package Included:

1 x Solar Panel
1 x USB interface
2 x Spike (one for ground, one for wall)
1 x 200 LED Solar String Lights
1 x User Manual for Solar String Lights


My Review:
These lights come with all sorts of extra goodies – in addition to the extra-long string of lights and the instruction sheet, you get a solar charger with two different mounting options (a stake for the ground or a wall mount with the screws and anchor plugs included) and a USB adapter so you also have the option to power the lights via USB (your computer, a wall charger, a power bank, etc.). The length of the string of lights is terrific – my house has a wrap-around front porch that extends all the way across the front of the house and then partway down one side, and these lights were more than long enough to go along the entire length of my porch with some length left over.


The copper wire that the lights are strung along is nearly invisible even in daylight, but very strong and holds its shape quite well if you want to form specific patterns. The wire is very thin, but seems to be sturdy enough not to break with mild pressure. Some of the lights tangled together as I reached the end of the string while I was hanging them up, and gentle tugging as I untangled them didn’t hurt the wire at all. I’m not sure how they’d stand up to bad weather, like rain or snow, and don’t really intend to find out . For the time being, I strung them along the edge of my porch (in a similar style to Christmas lights), and they look quite pretty when night falls. They’re not super bright (you wouldn’t be able to read a book by their light or anything, at least not all spread out the way mine are), but they provide a soft, pretty glow. I also like the way they look in one of the product image pictures, where they’re coiled up inside a clear container, and want to try that with them as well.


The real selling point for me with these lights is the two types of power sources – I have battery operated string lights, and I have electrical (wall plug) powered string lights, but these lights are powered either by solar power or USB. That’s a big bonus for outdoor-use lights for me. Batteries die, and our house doesn’t have a single outside electrical outlet. Solar power is renewable, and I’ve found that on cloudy days, my external power bank works great to power these lights. With the solar panel, the energy stores up during the day and the lights turn on automatically at dusk and stay on until the stored energy is depleted or you manually turn them off. The solar panel has an on/off button and a mode button for either steady or blinking lights on the back of it; the USB adapter has only one button, but it cycles through steady on, flashing, and off. The extra bonus of the USB power source is the variety of places you can use them, indoors or out – you don’t need an electrical outlet, all you need is a charged up external power bank.


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