Amazon Deals & Coupons for 3/06/15

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links.

I recently (as in, today) joined forces with a great group of bloggers to be able to work directly with Amazon sellers to bring you folks some discount codes for Amazon products! If this is something that you’d be interested in seeing continuing, please leave a comment on this post letting me know. The type of products (and the amount of the discount) will vary based on what sellers the group is working with. Here’s what’s available today (all codes should be good through end of day on March 7:

20% off Nature Notebooks and Greeting Cards (any color; all profits go to charity!)

Coupon Code: SGBD8W6Z

50% off BabEase Baby Teether Toy & Pacifier Leash (any color)

Coupon Code: SOOTHE50

20% off Therapeutic Fidget Toy

Coupon Code: RELAXED1

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